About us
About priya hyper market
Established in the 1983 under the guidance of our visionary leader Shri V.P. Hameed, SHI group has always been at the forefront of leading the race for bringing out quality based products and services for our customers. The group started out as an exporter of seafood, and soon branched out into several other divisions. With a professional management team that derives it s core values from the values of family and community responsibility, the SHI group has always sought to be a source of goodness for all the stakeholders and communities in which it operates as an organization.
Management Team
  • Shri V.P. Hameed, Founder and Group Chairman
  • Shri V.P.Fakhrudeen
  • Shri V.P.Ashraf
  • ShriV.P. Nassar
  • Shri V.P. Noushad
  • Shri V.P. Anzar
  • Shri Farooque AM
  • Shri VH Siraj
Our Group’s Core Values
Commitment to society
Quality Worship
Unparalleled Customer Service
Priya Hypermarket
A division of SHI group, Priya Hypermarket always strives to ensure the delivery of quality products at reasonable prices to our valued customers. With a floor space of over (number) square feet, Priya Hypermarket has what it takes to suit all your grocery and fresh food shopping needs. Our staff is also on hand to serve you with any requirements or queries that you may have. With Priya Hypermarket you can always be assured of ‘Service with a Smile’. Our team at Priya Hypermarket has sought to create an ambience where shopping is convenient and easy on the pocket. In this regard, we have taken every step to ensure that every product available at Priya Hypermarket caters to our stringent quality standards.
Priya Hypermarket seeks to be a source of personal and economic well being for our stakeholders in the communities that we operate in. It is our commitment to ensure that those who are part of the Priya Hypermarket family of employees and customers are always at the centre of all efforts and endeavors as a brand.
To be the undisputed choice among grocery shoppers in Kerala with an ever increasing store base over the next 5 years. This is to be achieved through the use of modern technology and innovative pricing solutions for products that deliver value to our esteemed customers.
Why Priya Hypermarket?
  • High quality groceries and fresh foods
  • Reasonable and affordable prices
  • Very friendly customer service
  • Convenient Shopping ambience
  • Ample car parking facility
  • Specialized home brands of Priya Hypermarket under various product categories like spices and flours.